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Cool Room & Freezer Room Installation

Your cool room is crucial to maintaining the right temperature is crucial for food safety – whether it’s at your restaurant or a self-catered family function.

Our expert team are dedicated to providing cool room and freezer room hire and installation throughout the Coffs Harbour region.

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Cool Room Solutions

When you need cold storage for your food and drinks, don’t waste time trying to figure out the right solution. The wrong one could be expensive both upfront and in terms of ongoing power and maintenance costs.

Our experienced team will visit you to design, supply and install the prefect cold storage solution. We will work with you to find a reliable, quality option that suits your needs and budget. The we can ensure it continues to run efficiently with our maintenance service.

When you’ve got an event planned, the last thing you need is the stress of a cold storage failure. We understand how vital cold storage is for the safety and wellbeing of your guests.

A breakdown can lead to financial loss from food spoilage and lost business. Reputation loss if someone gets sick from improperly refrigerated food could be worse.

That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency breakdown service. For emergency situations, we even have back-up mobile cool rooms and freezer rooms for our clients. This means your function can go ahead while we sort out the refrigeration issue.

We stand by our warranty and the quality brands we offer.

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Cool & Freezer Room Hire

There’s nothing better than a cool drink on a hot day – except knowing that your food won’t be delivering any nasty surprises to your guests!

We are your local experts in freezer room and cool room sales, cool room hire or custom cool room solutions.

Hiring one of our cool or freezer rooms gives you confidence that your food and drinks are being stored at a safe temperature. You can hire for a day, a week, a month or long term.

We provide cool rooms for hire for private and public events, including:
– Clubs and sporting facilities
– Weddings and parties
– Catering and hospitality
– Music and arts festivals
– Corporate events
– Camping and caravan groups
– School or sports carnivals
– Community events
– Fundraising events

Cool Room

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